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Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Long Way Home

I'm supposed to be writing this morning, but I want to post information about another book that came out this past year, THE LONG WAY HOME. I can see where blogging might cut down on productivity...

THE LONG WAY HOME actually came out in hardback in 2005, and in paperback in 2006. This was the first book I wrote that ended up (unrequested) on the bookshelves at Borders. What a thrill!

The story is set in northwest Colorado where Allie drives into the mountains after catching her emotionally abusive husband having an affair. When her car breaks down, she wanders into a bar where Sam Calvert is eating dinner. Sam is the only veterinarian within a hundred miles, so he's busy. He's also worried about his teenage daughter's impending visit; their relationship is getting more difficult as Tracy gets older. But he can't resist helping Allie, a stranger who is obviously in trouble, and ends up taking her home.

I loved writing The Sam and Allie Story (the title I use). It's an emotional book, a love story with a touch of ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL. And Sam is one of my favorite heroes ever. Okay, I'll admit, there's one spot in the book where I get teary-eyed every time I read it. But here's what the critics said:

"A likeable, but wary pair of protagonists; a resentful, vulnerable teenage daughter; and a marvelous assortment of animals enliven this heart-warming, gently sensual tale about the healing power of love." ~~Library Journal, 1/05

"...a sweet and tender romance about new enjoyable book
that's all about second chances" ~~Courtney Michelle, Romance Reviews Today, 2/05

"This is a perfect book for a snowy weekend." ~~Jeri Neal, The Romance Reader's Connection

Check your local library, if you want to meet Sam and Allie, and tell them I said hello.

More later,

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Book: One Texan's Enough

ONE TEXAN'S ENOUGH, my latest romance, is also my first e-book from Awe-Struck, and is receiving wonderful reviews. Please allow me to share a few:

"Hang onto your cowboy hat as you experience the earth shattering love that Amy and Justin discover as he teaches her that ONE TEXAN’S ENOUGH to handle the passion of her heart and soul."~~ Briana Burress for Romance Junkies, 4.5 Blue Ribbons!

"ONE TEXAN'S ENOUGH is a great story about finding the way to love through misunderstanding and old hurts, not only between two disillusioned adults, but also between a father and his teen daughter...You will enjoy this book." ~~Robin Lee for Romance Reviews Today
"Full of Texas charm, a dastardly villain, and plenty of family hijinks, One Texan’s Enough is a solid story from Sarah Storme… I was hooked from page one by this sweet and loving contemporary romance." ~~ Sarah W for Fallen Angel Reviews

This book, for me, was a version of my favorite movie, "The Sound of Music." Granted, it may be hard for others to see the connection. In my book, Justin is a single father of four (no, not seven), the oldest of which is Raven, a teenager going through her difficult years. Amy has just moved to Destin, TX, from Boston with her teenage son, Alex. The two single parents meet when their teenagers are suspended for skipping school together, and sparks soon fly. I know, just like the movie, right? Okay, maybe it's all the kids in the story. I had a great time keeping their voices straight.

Feel free to let me know what you think of the book. The first three chapters are available free online at Awe-Struck.

More later,

Friday, May 12, 2006

First Blog Post

I'm jumping into the blogging thing with both feet. First I need to make this work; then I'll work on posting some useful information.