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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Giving away an e-book!

I'll be giving away a free e-copy of my latest spicy romance, CARVED IN STONE, tomorrow to someone on my newsletter loop. Swing by and sign up! The paperback will be out April 1st, and I'll also be giving away a signed copy of that as soon as I get one.

What's the book about?

Jeremy Holden is an artist, consumed by his creative need for Lizabeth Erskine-Smythe, his unsuspecting vision. Near-obsession drives his passion to carve her image, to capture every delicate nuance, with the softest stroke. But it won't be easy when Southern Society - the one thing he despises - defines her every move.

Having barely survived a nightmare marriage, Lizabeth is just beginning to reclaim her life. Her newfound feeling of security, however, is shaken when she discovers she is being stalked. Jeremy offers to help her. She wants to trust him, to let herself feel again... Is it possible that his rough exterior is hiding something darker?

Their fragile relationship is tested to its limits in the face of the murderous stalker and a dangerous Gulf Coast hurricane!

So, swing by and sign up for my newsletter to get your name in the drawings!