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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Hearts of Marshall's Bayou

I'm often asked which of my books is my favorite. In truth, it's whichever I've just finished. But there are things I truly love about each book, and that's especially true of the Hearts of Marshall's Bayou series. The romance series is set in southwest Louisiana, the first, JUST KISS ME, in 1918, and the second, BAYOU RHAPSODY, in 1920. In the first, Isaac Broussard is the spark I can't resist. He and Alberta are such opposites, but fit together perfectly. He's the happy-go-lucky Frenchman, and she's the uptight daughter of the Judge, Marshall's Bayou's state legislator and self-proclaimed dentist who doesn't think much of the French. She can't believe her wild sister, Mae, and reprimands her lack of morals, until she meets Isaac. It takes him awhile to break through her wall, but he's persistent. What a charmer!

In BAYOU RHAPSODY, Mae meets the new preacher, Daniel, and sparks fly, but she doesn't want to ruin his reputation by letting Marshall's Bayou know they're spending time together. Daniel believes Mae is worth the risk. He can't, however, seem to convince her of that fact. Although she's determined to leave, her departure is delayed by a Gulf storm (hurricane) which throws them together again, and highlights the importance of Daniel's calling.

I love Mae. She's a gutsy mordern woman, fighting for the vote. She knows how to get around her father, the Judge, and also how to stand up to him. But she's vulnerable when she admits to herself that she loves Daniel. And the secondary characters in this book are very special to me. Especially Captain Wakefield. He plays a prominent role in another book, yet to be published.

JUST KISS ME is on sale at Amazon right now. I hope you decide to pick up a copy of each!

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