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Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Long Way Home

I'm supposed to be writing this morning, but I want to post information about another book that came out this past year, THE LONG WAY HOME. I can see where blogging might cut down on productivity...

THE LONG WAY HOME actually came out in hardback in 2005, and in paperback in 2006. This was the first book I wrote that ended up (unrequested) on the bookshelves at Borders. What a thrill!

The story is set in northwest Colorado where Allie drives into the mountains after catching her emotionally abusive husband having an affair. When her car breaks down, she wanders into a bar where Sam Calvert is eating dinner. Sam is the only veterinarian within a hundred miles, so he's busy. He's also worried about his teenage daughter's impending visit; their relationship is getting more difficult as Tracy gets older. But he can't resist helping Allie, a stranger who is obviously in trouble, and ends up taking her home.

I loved writing The Sam and Allie Story (the title I use). It's an emotional book, a love story with a touch of ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL. And Sam is one of my favorite heroes ever. Okay, I'll admit, there's one spot in the book where I get teary-eyed every time I read it. But here's what the critics said:

"A likeable, but wary pair of protagonists; a resentful, vulnerable teenage daughter; and a marvelous assortment of animals enliven this heart-warming, gently sensual tale about the healing power of love." ~~Library Journal, 1/05

"...a sweet and tender romance about new enjoyable book
that's all about second chances" ~~Courtney Michelle, Romance Reviews Today, 2/05

"This is a perfect book for a snowy weekend." ~~Jeri Neal, The Romance Reader's Connection

Check your local library, if you want to meet Sam and Allie, and tell them I said hello.

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